Intensive Managed Grazing Trumps Cow Farts

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That is “trumps cow farts” not Trump’s cow farts…but maybe got your attention?

A recent  peer reviewed 5 year study published  in Agricultural Systems (Volume 162, May 2018, Pages 249-258) by researchers from Michigan State and the Union of Concerned Scientists examined net greenhouse gas production from cattle raised in an Intensive Managed Grazing System also known as Adaptive Multipaddock Grazing (AMG).  The study suggests that if cattle are finished using AMG (as is done on our farm), grassfed beef can be carbon-negative in the short term and carbon-neutral in the long term.  The increased carbon sequestration which accompanies improvement in topsoil, ecosystem biodiversity, eliminating pesticides, and decreased fertilizer inputs by using Intensive Managed Grazing overshadows the increased methane production of grass finished cattle!

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